Geoff Pickles

Garden Architecture

Innovative boutique landscape design studio in Central Victoria.

We have extensive knowledge in landscape design, project management, construction and garden maintenance.

Mass Planting

Ok this is one of my favourite subjects and anyone who has come across any of my gardens will know that I use a lot of plants but not many varieties. The reasons are simple, the less objects vying for your visual attention the more peace full the garden appears. I have seen gardens where there may be 5 or 6 species planted and they look absolutely stunning and not boring as you may think. Of course it also depends on the size of the garden and various other factors, such as scale, terrain and climatic conditions.

So next time you think about your property try and visualise large drifts of plants, play with colour, form or texture contrast. Varying heights of plants and accentuate with some specimens to create focal points, use repetition and never plant in lines, stagger them in odd numbers if possible. Use built elements to enhance and or accentuate the plants, put in some water which creates movement. Lighting is also great when used with restraint and can liven the outdoors after sunset. So next time you are at the nursery buy 20, 50 or even a 100 of one variety and get digging, I guarantee you and your guests will love it.


Garden Style

What defines style, how do we achieve it and what sets it apart from everyday design.

I personally like gardens that are timeless and look great even on the most sombre winters day, that are stylish with fine attention to detail and workmanship. I like simple gardens, mass planting, contemporary built elements and clean lines with a good evergreen background structure.  Add some water and art elements and this is all I believe we require to create our dream garden.I take great pride in all my work to the point of obsession as if it was my own garden. 

They say that money can't buy taste and to a certain degree they are right. How often do you see a person spend heaps of money on what can only be described as very average design be it clothing, art or gardens or anything else for that matter. Most of the time I try to understand the reasoning behind such mediocre outcomes. Is it the clients brief or maybe is it just that they are trying too hard to achieve something that to be honest will never look good. I feel a lot of designers agree with the clients brief no matter the outcome or maybe sometimes circumstances change for whatever reason and direction is lost.

With garden style I don't mean the type of garden like english garden or trpical garden, no I mean style like stylish, timeless and beautiful in every way possible. Gardens that are more than just a collection of plants or built elements. Gardens that are like an art composition where every element be it plants, water, art or built elements relate and complement to one and the other.

Simplicity is the greatest sophistication, not sure if Da Vinci did ever say this but I love it none the less, yes like less is always more. 


Garden Architecture

Garden Architecture could be defined as the art of arranging landforms by organising natural, cultivated and built elements. I personally love gardens that are simple, restrained and timeless.

My interests in art in it's many forms has contributed immensely to the way I design and construct gardens. I believe no designer could work in a world devoid of art as it provides the all important aesthetic in any design. Design is a process, a journey if you like of discovery. 

The close relation of architecture to the landscape, our personal reaction or understanding of it are all elements to consider. Good design gives pleasure and improves the quality of our lives through spaces that work well, we enjoy and are beautiful.